engine in two problems

well, my car has two problems, the first one…when the car is cold and I turn on the engine every morning the engine runs too slow at 600RPM the I have to press the pedal to accelerate the engine. At the same time the oil engine light last more time to turn off and the cams sounds until the oil go up to the camshaft. What do you think that I have to do to repair that two different problems?

sounds like 2 seperate problems. as far as the idle IAT or MAF sensor possibly?

What weight oil are you using? 5w-20?

I just scann him no codes…whats the IAT?..I am using 5W 30 syntetic…

tnx man

iat means intake air temp thats a good idea also pich to get that checked like i told u on the phone change the coil pac also you upgradded the spark plugs and wires you should change the coil pac also it wont wurt

coil pack and grounding kit maybe a good idea?

I honestly doubt that the IAT sensor would have anything to do with a cold start in the morning. The problem sounds more like a fuel or air problem.

Throw a bottle of injector cleaner in your next full gas tank. Then jump on the highway and FLOOR IT. Don’t have to speed, just push any gunk (carbon deposits) through that may have collected on the end of the injector.

The oil issue, if you really think that is the problem. Take it to a mechanic and have him check the oil pressure. If there is a problem, you know where to begin.

If your oil filter is old it will clog up and give you that symptom when you first start your motor. I believe under heavy acceleration the design of the filter could bypass the filter element in order to shoot all available pressure to all areas of the head.