Engine Harness

can i use a engine wiring harness from a auto on a 5 speed


ok thanks r they the same or is there some things that a not used on the auto if i put it on a 5 speed moter

Well, the connector for the transmission solenoids/sensor and the transmission range sensor (PRNDL input to the ECM) come to mind.

those arent on the actual engine harness. the only thing I can think of is that a 98 will have a extra sensor on the fuel rail that later years do not

ok do i have to do anything to it or does it just not pulg in to any thing

it doesn’t require anything, it’ll just be an extra plug

ok thanks for the info i am going to start on it as soon as i find a harness

I have one if you can’t find one locally

how much and wat is it

$20 shipped, its the small wiring harness that plugs into most if not all sensors on the actual motor