Well, I did it…we’re engaged. After almost 5 and a half years of dating I finally proposed.



wow congrats U guys…new adventures coming soon 4 U. Belive me nothing like married… :twisted:

well let me be the first to congratulate you. Youve got one vagina for the rest of your like, real smart, way to work it through!

HAHA just kidding man, congrats and best of luck!!



Seems everyone is getting engaged around here these days! Im starting to get jealous!!!


Just kidding congrats

mark dont worry about it ive been engaged a few times before i got married. The one line in the Aerosmith song was my anthem at one time
“There goes my old girlfriend,theres another diamond ring.”

Don’t worry Mark. While they are poping out kids, we’ll be hooking up a turbo to your car.

mucho congrats!! very happy for you… shes gorgeous…( not in a gay sort of way)

thanks everyone…we’re very excited


congrats…may your marriage be eternal and blessed…

Congrats!!! She is really pretty:) Darron and I are about to tie the knot in a lil over a month in a half now:) Its lots of fun:) Have you guys set a date yet?


we are thinking June 2008

Mark…mirror’s got a point…lol I wouldn’t trade being engaged/married for a turbo kit though. I’d rather have marriage.

  • Darron

Yup… we know Darron’s gettin’ married. (And that Miranda can see this) :roll: :lol:

It’s all preference. If I had a steady girl I might think about it differently, but I’m not ready to settle yet.

lol! same here, im not ready to settle down yet. Things are going too good personally (outside of family issues) for me to get serious with someone of the opposite sex. besides, been there done that, and had a bad taste left in my mouth. (I know its not all bad! But your first will do that too you)

Guys (and gals), you dont have to take me serious all the time when it comes to me making comments on getting a g/f an getting married! I firmly believe that when the time comes, she will come into my life. Im not in a hurry though I joke about it.