this is really starting to piss me off. The dealer has had my car for almost a week now and it will not test correctly for emissions. It keeps giving a p1000 code which is a drive cycle. the car has had over 200 miles put on it, been started and shut off over and over again. Been driven back and forth in drive and reverse over and over again and it still will not test right. The dealer has no clue what else to do. I cannot get my car back until it passes unless i pay a certain fee. Before i took the car in for inspection i had a AYB3 pcm with a blue superchip, 10 ohm shift kit, intake and 2.25" cat back exhaust on it. I switched back to my stock pcm and removed everything but the exhaust. My stock code is GQT1. Does anyone have any clue why this is happening. My dad is literally ready to burn my car. Please Help!!!

I’m willing to be there is a bad sensor somewhere. One that would cause the computer to reset. Or it could be the computer itself.

As long as 5 out of 7 monitors are ‘complete’ you will pass emissions. I passed with 2 monitors ‘incomplete’

they said the machine won’t ecen continue the test until this code goes away.

But he keeps gettting hit with needing more drive cycles. So I’m thinking it has something to do with the computer. A loose power wire or something. You are getting the same problem like if you were to disconnect the battery.

P1000 will say “OBDII MONITORS INCOMPLETE” there are 7 monitors I believe and at the emissions place I went to I still had that P1000 code but most of my monitors like o2 sensors and evap monitors were complete. I had 1,300 OBDII drive trips and 0 OBDII drive cycles, and the drive cycle is considered a moitor. Because my car had the 180 degree thermostat my car would never reach 210 degrees unless I idle for 20 minutes, but then when I drive away it kicks back down to 180. All I know is that in Illinois if you pass most of your monitors you will pass emissions.

i’ll be going to the dealer myslef tomorrow morning and if they can’t figure it out i’m taking my car

I see what you are saying. hmm.

So would you suggest checking the sensors one by one? That is what it seems like needs to be done. At least there aren’t any mechanical malfunctions.

If sensors are bad there is a code for each sensor, for instance like the ECT, there is a code for ‘out of range’ ‘low voltage’ ‘high voltage’ ‘insufficiant coolant temp for closed loop operation’, thats 4 right there for just that sensor. Same goes with 02 sensors ‘lean’ ‘rich’ ‘out of range’ ‘heater circuit failure’ etc… if all he’s getting is P1000 then his sensors should be ok.

You mentioned:

The “Drive Cycle” gets its information from a sensor. Obviously the sensor isn’t throwing a code because you had already mentioned it would have. Then perhaps the computer data logging the Drive Cycle is defective, because it doesn’t hold the information in order to pass the emmisions test. It could be like a desktop or laptop that doesn’t has a RAM stick go bad.

Do you happen to have an idea why nodnarb85 is have that problem?

Something to check out yourself instead of assuming the dealership can follow directions…


Good find.

yeah i actually faxed that to the dealer this morning


car will be returning to its normal self tomorrow

So what was it? Did they just have bogus Drivecycle info? Or did they not read it ;c)

the p1000 never cleared…they just let is pass with 6 out of 7

was that the only code that they wouldnt pass it on?