eingne mods

hey guy i am lookin to do an na build on my 2000zx2 i am lookin at a 2.3 shorker kits i fould one at foucs power does anybody know any one esle that makes them. and give me msone idea on sone other things to do to it

ZXtunner would probably be your best bet for any performance modifications. http://www.zxtuner.com/ Seeing as the car is 11 years old, places have long since discontinued making parts for it.

You can also check http://www.gude.com It looks like they are still selling parts for the ZX2.

Focus power is the only place u can get the striker kit. I have hear bad things about Tom over there. As far as taking forever to get shit done, and when he did finally get the block back it was not machined correctly. But I have no first hand experience.