E-brake light???

When I accelerate from a stop, my ebrake light comes on in my instrument guage cluster. If i take off really fast, it will stay on all the way to about 5grand RPM in 2nd gear. This started before I replaced my rotors. It started something like 2 weeks ago. PLEASE HELP

Mine did that when i first got the car, hasn’t done it since. It only seemed to do it in 1st and 2nd for me. To be quite honest I’m not sure what causes it, nothing serious seems to react or happen, it’s quite obvious the ebrake isn’t “pulled up”.

adjust your ebrake cable tighter or just unhook the battery for a little that might solve a faulty code

yea, my brake cable is kinda loose, used to mess around when it rained in parking lots.

MINE TOO! I thinkt that could be it… I think it may be jerking hard on and under a difficult and quick accelleration, come to think of it i did tighten my cable the last time i did the bushings in my car and since then it hasn’t done that, it sounds like you may give that a try. It did it notoriously often when i first got my car.

wait,were talking about the e-brake cable right? lol

yes, the little red light that says “(E)”

Yes, dont tell me that you are just like my one friend that has no Idea about anything on cars. Not to hate on you but if you are, Then you think that drum brakes are just parking brakes and somewhere behind them, there is another pair of brakes for everyday driving.

lol… nah, my mind was in the gutter when i read the one post, i was attempting to make a joke.

but thats funny that your friend thinks that drum brakes are parking brakes, and theres another set for stopping.

Ok i’m now confused as to who is directing what at who for who made what and said what to who? :wink:

When in doubt…assume your mom. :wink:

  • Darron

LOL to Foos. I was commenting about Ironmark saying, “wait,were talking about the e-brake cable right? lol”

You are low on brake fluid.

Topped off brake fluid yesterday. I didnt see the light yesterday, it was weird, i was half way between full and low?

It’s a safety feature to make SURE you know that you are running a little low.

York, PA? Do you know Dan Valente?

No, who?

There is a kid here with me who is from that area, who has a buddy with a ZX2 S/R.

Nope, what is the color??? Yellow, if so, I met a guy with a S/R that works at McKaferty ford on the Carslile pike. He has a hole bunch of stuff done to his. O yea, what town is ur friend from, maby we could meet up sometime and discuss cars.

Dan is over here with me in England. I’ll get the name of his friend. I talked to Dan today and he is from Lancaster, I think. Isn’t that somewhat close to York?