E-bay chip... should i buy?

Your car will accelerate faster and have a higher top end speed. This is a great mod for any car, and will definitely increase your HORSEPOWER up to 20 hp. Your 1/4-mile times will decrease a few tenths of a second or more and your 1/4-mile MPH will improve as well.

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  • Darron

care to elabortate… trying to learn here… and if i wanted to chip my car… what kind is best?

those ebay chips do absolutly nothing. If you want a chip, look for sct or superchips, diablo, etc

those chips are just another form of the IAT mod. gambling with the ebay chips will more then likely find you car dead on the side of the road. go with a proven item like the ZXtuner blackbox, SCT, diablo etc…

That Blackbox only worked for the IAT portion of the mod. The ECT did not switch over and I verified that with my diag scanner. And yes everything was hooked up right. Nothing much of 1hp was ever gained off that. I then went to the old school pots mod with the 2 knobs. Major difference in performance, and only costed $12

same here those e-bay chips are junk go w/ any of the above mentioned

I have a diablo chip…the only down side to chipping is that you have to run premium…very costly.

  • Darron

Dont bother with that “chip.” If it works, it could be to much of a change, or on the wrong censor. In the end, you could end up frying your pcm.

ok… thanks… i printed out what you guys said about what to do with my tax money and i kinda have a " pit crew" lol… so they will help me work on it… but thanks for all the help… when i ask people here what to do with my car… none of them know anything about my car so it benefits me to be on here with people who own the same car…