dumb ass question

i saw some 14X6 rims at some place…will they look funny and funk up the performance of me car? :mrgreen:


get away from 14 inch rims… they point is to go bigger without sacrifice performance or looks. You’ll sacrifice both on 14’s.

depending on tire sellection, you can do a lot off cool things with 14’s:

  1. increase you launch time, by having less distance per rotation
  2. lower the car, decreasing the Center of gravity
  3. Join the Circua, as a clown car

14’s could save weight…maybe…but your handling would be effected due to the larger sidewall…it wouldn’t be as stiff.

  • Darron

jesus so my car will look very gay huh?

How do you figure? If you got 14s with a low profile tire, you would save on unsprung weight, rotational inertia etc. I don’t really see a bad side for performance. Looks… Yeah, they’ll look like butt.

If you have FI though, you would definitely want a longer first gear, since most people just burn through it anyways. But for most cars… Yeah. Smaller would be better.

If you got some really lightweight 14s (less than 10lb per wheel), and 40 or 45 series tires, it could be a definite track beast.

It would be good for initial take off, but would seriously hinder top speeds. If you were making a drift car, or if you wanted a car to pull some fun G’s in. as for drag and road coarse with 40’s it would be less efficiant.

I’ve always been told that 16’s are the ideal tire size for performance for most passenger vehicles. I should have thought about my answer a little more before I posted.

I fixed your last
so it looks right now. :slight_smile: - FF

acualy choosing rims are a combination of intended usage, vehical design, and brake system size.

They wont fit regardless, ~

I don’t know what the width is…but I have 14" steelies on my car right now due to snow/salt. So…14x6 will fit. If you can fit a 14" diameter rim…and a 17x7 rim on the same car…a 14x6 rim will fit. Besides, there are some ZX2’s that came standard with steelies and hubcaps.

I just confirmed on Tirerack.com that a 14x6 rim will fit, but you’ll need a 185/65-14 tire to stay around the stock diameter. 20mm in sidewall is a HUGE difference. You’ll have a softer ride due to the cushier sidewall, wich will also make cornering a li’l sloppier. If you were to get a 16" rim you would need a 205/45-16 tire to keep your speedometer accurate. You’re also quite likely to find a lighter than stock 16" rim that will look nicer than stock, and due to smaller and stiffer sidewall provides better performance.

So Dave…the rims will fit, but to keep the performance aspect you’ll have to, as Beo said, keep the tire size down. (40 or 45 series tire). The downside of this is that you will drastically change the total size to the point your speedometer will be WAY off. I think because it’ll be so much smaller than stock, it will register higher than actual, which IMO is better than lower than actual (caused by a LARGER than stock total size).

If you can find some as, someone said, 16" rims you’ll be better off in total. You’ll need less sidewall to get to the stock tire diameter which will keep them a bit stiffer allowing better handling, and you won’t be throwing off your speedometer so badly. (not to mention you’d look like a stereotypical Mexican thug with your tiny li’l rims ‘n’ tires on the car…if the gallery worked, I’d be able to insert a pic illustrating exactly what I mean)

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EDIT: This is the look I’m referring to when I say “Mexican Thug”…


Thanks to Brandon for getting all those pics in the “Anti-Rice” thread so I could see this and use it. - FF

I’m personally running 16’s now, but I miss my 17’s. I found them to handle the car to handle better with my 17x7 Axis 4’s strapping a 215/40/17 tire on it. Just me…

With my 17inch American Eagles I have noticed the car sticking turns a bit more.

I “acquired” :evil: a set of the Gen1 Miata 7-spoke Enkei “hollow-spoke” wheels, to use on my car. The size is a 14x6 with Sumitomo HTR200’s in a 185/55/14. They didn’t look as goofy as I thought they would, and they lowered the car ALOT (I’m running Progress Springs on S/R Toki’s), and I actually worried about speed bumps. I’ll find some pics of them on the car, and give you a visual example of the change. I went autocrossing, and the short (numerically higher) gearing was pretty noticeable.When I came out of a bend and really romped on it, the car pulled very hard, and broke traction. Needless to say I went through that set of tires in one day. The wheels are very lightweight, very strong, and easy to find. If you can get a set to use for Drag-Racing or Autocross (with slicks… your gonna need 'em) then do it.
If you’ve got any question, feel free to ask.

Did my first autocross 2 Sunday’s ago on a short 1st gear only course.
Time went from 43 sec on first run to a hair over 38 on the 5th.
I have the Eibachs, Tokicos, 21 mm RSB, & poly sway bar bushings.

I’m running 14" wheels at 9 1/2 pounds. Also Bridgestone 195/60 potenza 009 All-season tires. I think they look fine, but I’m 54. Tires screamed… but with a rookie at the wheels.


My final time was middle of the pack
Class = STS

63 JG Red 92 Civic Si 1)037.470 2)036.244 3)035.501 4)035.253 5)034.751 34.751T
80 TB Wht 98 Ford ZX2 1)036.285 2)036.845 3)035.532 4)035.288/1 5)035.258 35.258T
61 KW Blu 02 Protege5 1)037.713 2)037.515 3)037.238 4)037.178 5)036.932 36.932T
4 DD Wht 00 Civic 1)041.511 2)039.469 3)038.719 4)037.765 5)037.289 37.289
6 TW Red 98 Grand Am 1)038.594/1 2)038.778 3)038.110 4)037.777 5)038.890 37.777
53 ME Wht 02 Ford ZX-2 1)043.042 2)041.279 3)039.043 4)038.174 5)038.404 38.174
82 AS Blk 82 VW GTI 1)041.753 2)039.196 3)038.795 4)038.593 5)038.592 38.592
91 MB Blk 01 Prelude 1)043.929 2)042.461 3)040.594 4)040.855 5)041.243 40.594
46 SM Blk 96 Avenger 1)046.091 2)045.060 3)042.854 4)041.387 5)040.855 40.855

I think you did great for your 1st time. All you can hope is that you get better and better each time, and you did that.

The next thing would be to upgrade your tires, but good choice on rims. Perhaps a little more horse power or more weight reduction, and you should be golden. That Civic Si in 1st put some good times too. I’m guessing it was one of the older Civics, am I wrong?

Now you can definitly say your car is race proven.

^^ dude you car looks tight with those 14’s, proobably because you got a nice drop there :smiley:

Results from my second auto-X (I’m Bart).
Still hit no cones… but I must’ve scared some.
Last 2 runs I upped the front air pressure 3 pounds (to around 43 psi, 35 in rear)
The last run I decided to use mostly 1st gear, & steer as quick-smooth as I could.

The biggest barriers this time, besides lack of skill, were-
the course had a lot of times where I was right at the rev-limit in first gear
my Potenza 009’s high performance all seasons against max perf summer tires.

I learned I need consistent smoothness & anticipating ALL corners.
And with the GT’s RSB I must not hit the brakes in slaloms… car goes goofy!

Still, lots of fun & I got to ride in a Lotus Elise, a tricked out Suzuki, & more… sunburn.

Flightline 500 Solo - May 27, 2007
Lincoln Air Park, NE
Class = STS

Car # Name Car
63 Jan Red 92 Honda Civic Si Best =39.782
1)41.815 2)40.491 3)40.054/1 4)39.782 5)39.400/1

100 Adam Wht 94 Pontiac GPrix Best =41.999
1)44.827 2)043.974 3)42.100 4)42.084/1 5)41.999

69 Andrew Blk 01 VW GTi VR6 Best =43.883
1)46.249d 2)44.341/2 3)45.105/1 4)43.883 5)44.084/1

40 Bart Wht 02 Ford Escort ZX2 Best =44.875
1)46.220 2)45.685 3)45.659 4)45.680 5)44.875

91 Wayne Wht 91 Ford Escort GT Best =45.011
1)47.518 2)48.057/1 3)45.223 4)45.011 5)44.841/1

48 Clay Blu 00 VW Jetta Best =47.259
1)50.436/1 2)47.259 3)45.855/1 4)45.791/1 5)45.407/1

82 David Blu 03 Mazda 6s Best =47.270
1)50.817/1 2)46.666/1 3)47.068/1 4)45.858/2 5)45.270/1