DUCATI fashion show pics! AND A VID!

So we got a complete invite to the Ducati Fashion show!

figured i’d post up some pics for you all and tonight Katie got to hop on her first ducati!

Thats right! Our friend who is one of the head people at the dealership (Kathy) told Katie to hop on the 999 to get a pic, katie was like “Naw i couldn’t… i don’t want to scratch it…” she went “GIRL HOP ON THE BIKE!” lol katie was like “OKAY!” soon as she hopped on she reached in and started the bike on Katie while katie let it sorta idle for a sec, then out of nowhere people were like “REV IT!” in the middle of the entrance to a bar, closed doors, everyone around and everyone was clapping and crowding around it until the owner of the bar came in and the owner was like “You’re smoking us out!” LOL!


Here’s the picture gallery!


katie looked right at home on the Ducati. Theres one at the local mall there raffling off. I’m not sure what modle it is. It’s yellow and it’s a metra something

Heh, awesome.

Sounds a bit more like a car than a bike.

Ah yes, the throaty sound of a Ducati V-Twin :slight_smile: Isn’t it great?