Dropped the subframe on a Mercedes last night!

Talk about fun! Last night I worked on 2 neighbor’s vehicles. Got the carbs tuned in on my ex wife’s 250 that my neighbor bought and got it running. Then we went out and dropped the subframe on my neighbor’s mercedes. Talk about a really cool suspension setup! I thought it was going to be HELL to work on. It really wasn’t bad!

looked like this but black and a bit more “sporty”. He apparently drove it into the ditch… bent the subframe, so we’re replacing it, whoopeeeee! [d00d] [d00d]


boy you had a busy day. im happy you saold the ex’s bike why should she have kept it.

Agreed my friend. She was all about show and no go. After everything she didn’t deserve that bike. It went to a good and happy home, and I’m glad for that. [cheers]

FYI got some pics.




Stripped trunk