drive belt

does anyone else have a problem with their drive belt coming off when you hit a puddle or something? every single time i hit a puddle at more than 5 mph, my drive belt pops off and i have to stop in the rain and fix it… my girlfriend has a zx2 as well and hers does the same thing. im just wondering if anyone else has the same problem or if anyone knows how to fix it.

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Are you referring to the serpentine belt on the passenger side of the engine? If yes, I’ve never had an issue with it, nor has tigress…I hope…

  • Darron

yeah. that… im thinking it might be that i have a bad tensioner pulley. but i have no idea. my girlfriends zx2 is a 2001 and mine is a 1999… and if the 1999 had a bad tensioner, i’d think they would have straightened it out before the 2001 model year. all i know is that its a pain in the ass laying on the wet ground every time it rains.

I have a early build date 98 (6/97) and have had no problem

Have you changed belts yet? Have you done hard look from the front of the car to see if one of the pulleys is misaligned/bent? Have you changed out the tensioner spring?

Mine and tigress’ are both 99 models. It could be stretched belts I guess…it’s feasable. Nice idear Mirror.

  • Darron

ive replaced the belt twice. im working on finding a tensioner. anyone know a place besides a junkyard that i can find one?

You should be able to get one from Ford.

Are you sure the belt you have is not too long?

im positive that its not too long because when i put it on i have to loosen to tension all the way… its a total pain in the ass. but oh well. i called the ford dealership earlier and a new one is on the way.