:?alright i dont know if its possible but can you drift in the Zx2? because i was told and given the impression that front wheel drives cannot drift so can they or not? this is just kind of a thought i was interested in. :?

This is as close as you get in a front wheel drive.

Its 9 minutes long. Watch it carefully. This guy is pretty good.


For the most part, no.

BUT, you can in a way. Just give it a Scandinavian Flick and you can drift around a corner.

FWD cars can’t “power slide”, but with enough momentum, you can get sideways and not even lose much time, that’s why I like FWD cars, plus they’re better in wet conditions.

Actually FWD cars can power-slide.


Believe me, I know, I’ve realized that the incident I had (see thread below) was more of a powerslide than a drift.


And as far as drifting in general Millefune brought up some great points.

[url=http://forum.zx2ms.com/http://forum.zx2ms.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?p=11846#p11846]http://forum.zx2ms.com/http://forum.zx2 ... 846#p11846[/url]

You can slide, but for the most part drifting is usually with awd/rwd, rear wheel seems to do the best at correcting and what not. I always thought of FWD cars drifting was more or less “Ass dragging” but you can still slide, correct and steer and get it sideways, but it isn’t the same.

You have to love the Puma! A MX-3 with a VCT Zetec. Why couldnt Ford have made that the ZX2’s Body

Exactly what the guy said in the videolink I posted.

FWD cant really power slide. At least not like RWD. I hear people paraphrasing drifting as losing traction without losing control. You can definetely lose traction in FWD cars without losing control. But you cant powerslide. And you definetly cant compete against RWD and AWD cars where the ability to properly powerslide comes into play.

However there is an exception to every rule. Thats what makes life interesting.

And the Puma is sweet to watch slipping about with that dry witted english guy driving. It weighs a fair amount less than our zx2 with only a slightly smaller zetec in it. 1.8L I think.

The Puma is HOT! But I would change some things about it. Make it a 2.0L, lower it, and cut the height roof by an inch or two; HOT!

Do yourself a favor, and live out your fantasies in Tokyo Drift…

I live mine playing Initial D Arcade Stage. :smiley:

man you sure have been negative on here… if he wants to go powerslide his zx2 let him for god’s sake as long as he is in an area that he wont’ endanger others. what people do to their car is entirely up to them.

i’ve gone out in vacant parking lots and done 180’s to reverse 180s and e-braked my heart out when the car was stock, runs just fine today and i had a blast, suppose i should have lived out my fantasies in tokyo drift? :stuck_out_tongue: haha, come on man let the guy have some fun.

My bad dude. I’ll be better.

the pumas are 2.0
or at least the racing puma is the samw vct as we have just a 170hp