Door Pannel Group Buy

[b]OK…I’ve been working on these custom fiberglass door pannels for the ZX2. I had originally planned on just producing the first one for the person who donated the development pannel at no charge. However, due to the increase in the cost of materials , that just isn’t feasible. So, in an effort to get things rolling, I am offering a group buy.

I plan on retailing them for $180, but for this group buy, $100 p/set if I can get 4 or more sets ordered.

Features include:

[] One peice construction for better stregth & sound performance
] Eliminated map pocket to accomodate larger speakers
[] Speaker pods angled towards driver/passenger for better sound
] Gauge or Tweeter pod mounted at the top forward of the door pannels
[] Optional sound baffelling behind main speaker for superior sound
] Smooth finnished & primed for paint

I should have a sketch posted within a day or so.

Deff. interested. Get your sketch design up and if its something that grabs me then i’m in.

I have a few sketches completed…just have to get my scanner to work again :?

what about c/f??? :lol:

Not for a while. That would cost about $400 a set…maybe more, depending on the price of materials :?

Not that you didn’t already know Scotty…but I’m gonna second Sully.

I have a question. I forget exactly what you told me before, how are they gonna ship? I mean, will they be primered or painted?

  • Darron

They will be primed. You will need to take care of your own paint.

I am very interested as well, do not want to cut up or cut up my stock panels

Well…it looks like if you can get those sketches up you’ll have 4. If you don’t have the time, you can just e-mail 'em to my ZX2MS account and I’ll post 'em for ya.

  • Darron

I can’t email what I can’t scan into the computer :frowning:

& time isn’t EVEN an issue…I got plenty of that.

I’d be interested once I can see what they will look like

yea i’d like to c what it will look like befor i say ok. i dont wana remold stockers unless i have to. cant wait to c photo


This still going to happen?
I am still very Interested :!:

Due to unforseen problems, this project has been put on hold until at least December.

Bum, but thats cool just keep us updated when somethin changes, I can vouch I’ll still be interested.

so many good ideas just die off it seems…

WHens this goin down?

I will DEFFINATELY buy a set, my drivers door pabnel has a whole it in fromwhere the previous owner got mad and kicked it.

Im in too my driver side door panel has a few melted holes in it from where my step-dad would smoke and the ashes would get on the door and melt it. $100 bucks is good for fiber glass door panels. Also are they for power windows or manuals?

wow! way to ressurect a dead post! lol! I dont believe this GB ever got off the ground.

It never got started.

  • Darron