Do I take the Promotion or not?

Okay I have an issue that I have been dealing with over the last couple of days. I have been unable to decide how I want to do this so I decided to see what other people would do in my situation.

I think many of you know that I work with the Developmentally Disabled and Mentally Retarded. I have been working in this field for the past 3 years. Before I started working in this Field I honestly thought it was a job that I could not do. I have since proven myself wrong. I moved up from Direct Support Provider(DSP) position to Senior DSP within a year of being here. Even though there were people there that had been there longer then me. This past week I was offered to take the Position of Assistant House Manager and this is the source of the issue.

I have come to enjoy the individuals that I deal with. I deal with the same six people everyday as I work in what is called an IRA, Individualized Residential Alternative. As it sounds the six individuals I work with are independent adults, many twice my age with a mentally of someone less then half my age. This a great source of challenges that can be very stressful. The typical burnout rate in this field is high, meaning you get burnt out quick.

When I started we had a different administration structure. I know that all things change. I do not challenge the need for change within a business or even within ones personal life. I do question the methods behind such change, who is pushing for the change and other questions that need to be asked. I dont like doing things without an explanation, “the blind sheep” syndrome. The administration that is in place now is making changes that profoundly affect everyone under administration. The unfornuate part is that the individuals I oversight suffer through lack of services provided while we put these new requirements in place.

My house manager now IS the best person that I have ever worked for. I have learned alot from her and still have alot more to learn. She recently had a promotion of her own. She went from HM to Assistant Director of IRA supports. She has not left the house yet as they are still creating the position for her. Coincidently the current AHM has resigned from her position. This means that I will be jumping into a position to run this house with little to no training and I will be taking on the role of HM at AHM pay. HM is a salary position. AHM and below is per hour.

I am hesitant about accepting the AHM position because of the reason mentioned above. The current state of change has everyone scared about what is in the future. I would also be jumping into a role that I would not have as much support from managers as I have had in the past. I also have very little management experience and over the years I have gotten close (friends only) to some of the staff.

Those are the negatives of taking on the position. I have also been thinking of the positives but they dont tend to stand out as much because they are the standard positives of promotion. Increased pay, more command power and looks good on a resume.

I am truly at a loss as to what to do. I know I dont want to stay in this field for the rest of my life. I also have plans that involve moving within the next 6 months to a year. That also makes me hesitate about taking on the position.

I guess what I am asking is what you guys and gals (the few of you here!!!) would do in a situation like this?

being 16 this is difficult for me to swallow as i can imagine it is for you. There is no easy answer. I have always worked with people of that nature when i teach gymnastics because its part of their physical therapy and also teaches them social skills… the children i work with have to learn to deal with these older people but its easy enough because they are on the same level mentally.

Because you have no plans to make this a permanant thing i would suggest asking if there is any way to do it temporarily till they find a replacement. Give it a chance. You never know. Also because you are moving these people are going to get attached even more then they already are and it will be harder on them to let you go when the time comes.

I know this wasnt much help but thats all i have. Just think about the fab 6 you work with and i guess try it but let the ones over you know its only temp.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Move up, if you dont like it, go back down. If they can’t offer you that, then dont do it.

Thanks Nikki!

Chillin, Thanks for the advice! Personally I would see that as a failure to myself another reason that I am hesitant about taking the position. Its not fear of failure rather the fear of setting myself up for failure. I also dont think that they would let that happen. The AHM that is leaving asked for the same thing and they didnt have anything to offer her.

your welcome… not sure what good it did

Sounds to me like you have the feeling in your gut not to take it and it also sounds like your cons outway your pros. I suggest if you feel that uncomfortable taking the position not to do it. Sure better pay and being higher up on the food chain is great but totally not worth being miserable. Also like you said accepting a promotion right now might not be the best thing if you are moving shortly.
But on the other hand if you are a person that handles stress well and are up for a challenge I say go for it! The experience would probably be great for you:) And who knows you might be alot better at it than you think you will be:)
This is a super huge decesion. It mostly depends on how you are with lots of stuff.
I hope that this helps. Good luck with your decision bud:)


Thanks Miranda!

Its not a matter of being able to do the job, I know that I can. In fact many aspects of my current position reflect that of the AHM position. The other thing that I am looking at is that with my HM moving up, the AHM leaving, I am going to be stuck doing the AHM’s job anyway.

It is truly a tough decision. It is compound by the fact that over the last 4 years I have become close to some of the staff. How do you go from being a co-worker / friend to being a boss???

In my opinion you could be both a co-worker/friend and boss. You would just be a really cool boss:) If people like you now I don’t see why that would change if you took the promotion. Since you seem like a pretty easy going person I don’t think that you would have any problems if you were to take the position. People like to have cool boss’. It makes going to work a lot easier:)

I agree that it totally is a rough decision but you will make the right choice. Remember to pray about it:)


I agree with tigress, if you feel uncomfortable don’t take it. But if you’re gonna end up doing those duties because they’re all leaving, you might as well get the pay for doing it. I know there was a point in time at my work (Kroger) where the head checker, Tania, (wrote schedules, responsible for cash counts and all that fun stuff) was leaving and the 2nd in command, Joyce, wasn’t sure if she wanted that job, but since Tania had been on Maternity leave before leaving, Joyce was pretty much doing her job anyway and figured, “well, I might as well get paid for what I’m doing.”

And again, you’re possibly leaving in a few months, so you gotta at least notify 'em of that. “I’ll do it, but I’m not gonna be here that long.” ya know?

You seem to have a pretty rational head on your shoulders, so (as tigress said) pray about it and He’ll tell you what the decision needs to be. He loves to test us and won’t test us past what we can bear.

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