Disconnect the govener

Hey someone told me that you can disconnect the top speed limiter by cutting a wire under the cup holders…does anyone know which wire? i have a 99 auto zx2

What rated are your tires? If they are the stock ones, disabling the governor isn’t a good idea. Sorry about the simple question, just wanted to make sure.

well on the z that im driving now its stock but i have another one with low pro msr rims. i donno what the tire are…but im switching off the wheels…i heard it was a white wire with black stripe iner the cupholders…i cut that wire and now i cant evan pass 100

in the 98’s it’s white/ black. But I’m not sure if that is a constant for all years

Did a littlle searching for ya bro. Hope this answers all of your questions.



Hey thanx alot

No problem. :smiley:

I’m not sure what all you have done to your car, but make sure you have Z-rated tires and and upgraded suspension before you do this, or at least make use of your new found freedom.

  • Darron