Anyone know of a place where i can get free decals?? id like one from street glow… audiobahn… and some sort of zx2 thing… um i found one but its like 20 bucks… i think thats rediculous… i can get it done in town for 10… but why not free lol

A local guy here makes some damn fine decals, phatdecals is the name, he actually lives by me, way cool business.

You won’t find any decals for cheap unless you hit ebay (and he does sell some stuff there) but vinyl vs making the design, cutting it and making profit, it’s not cheap stuff. You can nab a bunch off of ebay for about $25 after shipping to dress it up a bit. But just make sure you’re sporting what you have, lmao!

duh! you seem to be a real smartass! im not dumb! i said i wanted audiobahn and street glow… which is what i have… im not on here to be turned down to

You’re over-reacting to pretty much anything anyone posts here. I posted a link, I said they make quality vinyls and you’re offended. A lot of people get vinyls just for the look, all I meant is that if you don’t have the gear, don’t bother because you’ll get nothing but flak from people for it. If you have the gear then congratulations and good for you.

Click the link or don’t click the link. Calm down, take some pills or something. Something is wrong here.

personaly i think most vinyls are GAY

Superhero in tights gay or just gay? :wink:

Flaming homosexual gay…not that I can talk…I’ve got some decals on my car and I’m getting married in July…to a woman. :slight_smile: But I do have that which is decaled so…

  • Darron

I’m striped/decaled, I hear ya… shhh, they don’t have to know know :wink:

We dont even have to go how far im decaled :wink:
and nikki most stereo shops that carry those products will have the decals to go w/ them if noy ill ask my stereo guy if hes got them

granted, i do have some decals, but i’m not really a fan of them. I like rally stripes on old muscle cars and even on some sports cars, but i’m not too big on flames and tribal stuff and people that put stickers on their car for parts and they don’t even have that part on their car…they really look just plain stupid

i havent really wanted graphics like tribals and flames and crap but i just wanted company decals

i dont like them either flames and tribals but tribal flames is a difrent story. lol
nodnarb its cool thats what makes u happy mAKES U HAPPY! Me i like them if there done right (not cheap)w/ good vinal and put on by a pro not uncle leroy with 2 fingers missing

Decalless for almost a year now… and I mean everything. Even the “Escort” and “Sport” script on the trunk.

I’ll be completely shaving the beast (minus the door handles and Ford Badges) when I get home from England. It’ll be HOTT.

I also took the “Escort” and “Sport” off my car. I was washing it one day and just peeled the stuff right off. I was actually quite surprised how easy the stuff came off. I was expecting it to be a lot more difficult.


If you want some sponser decals from those companies give them an email or call them up. Tell them what products of theirs you have and they might send you some free sponser decals. Thats how I got my Infinity decals