Dead Sexeh Sighting! - DeTomaso Pantera

The other day my Fiance nabbed this, hard to see but she’s quick with her camera.

Cleanest and sleekest looking Pantera I have EVER seen! We’ve got about 4 of them floating around in bend over here, this one is the first time that I’ve seen it. It RACED me in town (obviously it beat me… good GOD!) through a red light and took off. 15 minutes later on the way home we saw it floating over the overpass, looked like a shot out of a movie.

Sexiness in an italian body with an american V8, can’t beat that.

If you aren’t familiar with them they look like this in the front

At first glance I honestly thought it was a Lamborghini Jalpa, the bodystyle is SO SIMILAR (well go figure they’re both italian!) but when I got close enough and heard the V8 I nearly shat.


they are 1 of the baddest ass rides of all time
theres a guy i know that has one and the DeTomaso Magusto, porshe 917,studabaker hawk, those are just some of his rides he’s got a few more cars in difrent stages of restoration

Wow that’d be a beautiful garage to see. Someone around here has a Ferrari Enzo but from what I’ve been told it’s a garage queen which is a sad life for a car.

The owner of the carrera dealership around here has a Carrera GT that I’ve seen, a few 911’s a GT2 and have seen a BEAUTIFUL selection of his old 356’s, he has this gorgeous 356 Speedster that’s that candy red color. Nice garage he has.

At one point I nearly had my hands on an old 912, but when I got a quote on rebuilding the engine (it needed a rebuild) I nearly crapped myself. The parts were no longer available aftermarket nearly and had to come from the factory = Wayyyyy too much money for an old 912.

I gotta say that the Pantera is one of my alltime favorite cars besides the Lamborghini Urraco and Jalpa and the Porsche 959. Those cars all hold my alltime favorite for cars :slight_smile:

i always wanted one of them i love the way they look