Dash Gauge Face Installation

Installation of Glow Face Gauges on a ZX2:

  1. Disconnect the ground cable from the battery
  2. Unsnap/remove the instrument cluster trim panel between the speedo and the steering column
  3. With a 17mm wrench, loosen the lock nut that holds the hood release pull to the lower dash panel
  4. Remove the remaining panel screw on the bottom (right of the steering wheel)
  5. Disconnect the light dimmer switch from the harness and pull off the lower trim panel that surrounds the dash below the steering column.
  6. Remove the three screws that hold the upper instrument panel cover assembly and pull to unclip it from the dash.
  7. Disconnect the power mirror electrical plug.
  8. Remove the four screws holding the instrumentr cluster and slide it forward to gain access.
  9. Disconnect the three electrical connectors behind the cluster and remove the cluster.
  10. On the cluster, remove the four screws that fasten the lens cover and bezel to the gauge body.
  11. Pull out the needle stop pins on the speedo and tach gauges.
  12. Position the gauge needles thru the holes on the new gauge faces and slide them over the existing faces.
  13. remove the check coolant and hi beam indicator bulbs from the instrument cluster and line up the new faces by inspecting the light thatl passes thru the lettering on the faces. Secure the faces with a piece of scotch tape to hold them in place.
    14.Place the plastic bezel back on the cover, with the wires from the new faces coming out of the top.
  14. Connect the new faces to the inverter wire harness, and feel the wires behind the dash.
  15. Reconnect the wiring to the cluster and screw the cluster back to the dash.
  16. mount the gauge face switch and inverter (i usually wire tie it to the harness under the dash where it cannot be seen).
  17. Connect the black wire from the inverter to a good metal ground source on the body.
  18. Connect the re/black wire (the one with the fuse holder) to the red/black wire going to the harness behind the original dash light dimmer switch.
  19. Complete the installation by doing steps 1-7 in reverse.