Damnit, i hate it when yeast gets into grapejuice!

It always manages to get in my grapejuice, and then these corks manage to find their way in my bottles and then it looks like this!



What do they call that again… vine… rine… dine… wi… hmmmm

And to think that I have to be careful around my grapejuice for another 18 gallons this summer! :wink:

congrats… sendin me any lol :wink:

I’ll take a bottle of the ZX2 Special :wink:

Not for kids.

^LOL voice of Ali G fer realz snaps fingers together in a whipping motion

my wife and i are thinking of making our own wine…and i found the recipe for the best beer in the world…alaskan amber :smiley:

zxtwou2, you should go for it!

Its not as much of a process of difficulty as it is mostly patience. Takes a little over a month to make a batch so if you want to make a lot, get more than one fermenter. This coming month I’m going to invest in another one so I can make 2 batches at once.

Its really kind of fun. I have yet to try brewing beer, I do know that beer brewing involves boiling water or boiling beer or something along those lines, whereas wine has no cooking process at all (at least with most recipes).

Best part is that most of the parts are interchangeable so you can swap to make a beer brew or wine… you’ll need a capper and/or a corker to go between the two.

Costs you about $100 - $200 to get started. But if you make enough it’ll pay itself off in the long run.

NOT NICE!!! lol. what about “for my parents” :wink: