cut end of air filter box thingy?

well i see a lot people cut the end of thier air filter box thingy like in this guys engine bay

can you just snap it off?

Possibly any benifits??? :stuck_out_tongue:

I did that, its called the Kemanized intake, after the guy who did it first. I recommend cutting the box off till just the back two of the bolt mounts are left. Remove the lower resonator. I also recommend junking the upper resonator and getting an after market engine breather.

Speaking of the last two I have a engine breather and the piping you would need to replace the upper resonator. I don’t need it anymore, but its already measured out for the right size for the stock intake. Want it?

well i see a lot people cut the end of thier air filter box thingy like in this guys engine bay. Can you just snap it off?

Possibly any benifits??? :stuck_out_tongue:

It won’t snap off, but saw will do wonders. Right after the words “Air Filter,” start cutting. Of course you could cut it up closer to the strap that holds the filter in place, but it is all preference.

There are benifits, more surface area to take in air. A larger hole will allow more air to the air filter. More air, more power.

dang i will have to do some cutting :x time to bring out the old rusty saw :lol:

Naw darth i dont need that engine breather thingy, but thanx though :smiley:

no prob, glad to help.

This will help you out:

What about completely removing the plastic heat shielding all together? I was toying around with this idea and found that the filter holds perfectly to the mass air flow unit with the if you use th metal ring, does this sound like a good idea or will engine heat not make it worth the extra air? I live in Georgia and the winters can get pretty cold, maybe some cool air will make its way to the filter? THis is just a temporary idea till I get a CAI. I dont mean to steal this post but this seemed like a good area to ask this question.

Well my K&N has no cover on the filter, neither do most aftermarket mods involving intakes.

But remember, these filters are made to be open to the engine, the stock ones are much more papery, so I’m assuming they don’t stand up well to heat.

BTW how do you like your K&N? I always thought the bends were too harsh (90 elbow is the equivalent of something like 15ft that the air has to travel).

Yeah, I was going to get one too, but I didnt like the bends. I saw that the CAI had smoother bends. Not to be negative or anything, on a lighter note I do hear good things about that intake. Nice mods too, :sunglasses:

With both the K&N and the borla I’ve noticed a increase in power, and since there was a delay of a few weeks I know that some of it was due to the new intake. I like it, I mainly snaged it due to the price I got it, since it was an improvement over the stock intake. If I didn’t find the deal I did I would probably go with the zxtuner one or the CTA. But I do like this.

Heh, I just noticed a few other of my mods are visable in the pic. Heh, thanks!

wow that k&N intake is awsome dude can u give me a link to one :smiley: