Ive got a 2003 and i was just wondering if anyone could help me out. I could have sworn that the letters for the gears, where the shifter is (i have an automatic) Lit up when i first got the car. But now they dont light up. Am i crazy for thinking they should light up, or do i have to replace the bulb. Thanks

Every other car that I have seen that is auto on the column or on the floor, the letters light up. Prolly a burnt bulb. If the center is like the 2000 zx2, it is just 4 screws to get to.

I also have an ATX and they do light up. I bet it’s just a bulb.

It has to be the bulb because I too have an automatic and the letters for the gears do light up.


HA I KNEW IT! Im not crazy! lol thanks for the replies

Well, I wouldn’t jump the gun just yet. :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

I had a problem with my lightbulb for the letters of the shifter burn out. Just switch it out.

does anyone happen to know the type of bulb it is? I went here

[url=] ... mentGuide/[/url]

and i was guessing it was the instrument/general bulb, but i wanted to double check. I had a service manual on the computer, but i cant seem to find the disc =/ Thanks

It’s probably a 194 if that’s what the link is. I’m lazy and didn’t look.

  • Darron

I bet it is under instrument 194 or 161.