copper flange gasket ?

anyone know where to locate a 2-bolt 2.25" COPPER header flange gasket? or a close facsimile therof?

Which flange is it that you are looking to gasket? lol Which header did you get? I was gonna say ZXtuner…but that’s not it. I don’t remember if I put a gasket for the collector/downpipe section or not. And I know that I, personally, did not buy a copper gasket for the downpipe/catback flange. So basically…I’m no help! :slight_smile: Except to say, “No idea.” Soory.

  • Darron

Paceshitter replacement for Swiss-cheez first one (didn’t have custom, rear, gutted cat pipe [2.25"] secured with metal hanger) Anyway, the paper header collector flange gasket that comes with the header has blown out numerous times, so I’d like to put more reliable copper in. I’m an experienced Paceshitter installer, now ,though, after removing it to be re-welded about three different times, if anyone needs help. I’ve got removal, repair &install down to three hours. BTW, FOOS if you get down to Columbus area hit me up about a day or two in advance and we can hook up for a beer and BS if you like.

I just bought a pacesetter header and I was looking for a copper gasket and all the ones I found said not for a pacesetter. So I’m in the same boat your in.

If you’re talking about the gasket for the head, you can get a copper one from ZXtuner, but if you’re looking for the gasket to the cat, I’m not sure where you’d look. Might be able to ask Autozone or something. They may not have a specific one, but they may have one that would work.

  • Darron

Pacesetter sent the copper head flange gasket w/ the new header. I was asking about the collector flange (2-bolt/2.5") I ended up making one myself w/ 3 bands of solid copper wire and a hell of alot of copper RTV. No problems w/ leakage, anymore!!!

Good to hear you got this resolved. And congrats on solving your problem MacGyver style! :wink:

  • Darron

I love me some MacGuyver. That dude’s awesome.