contour TB swap ?

So i’m at the salvage yard today and I notice that the zetec contour has alot smoother inside wall in the throttle body than the ridged one on my z’s same size choke plate though, but will it bolt up to our plenum? throttle linkage looks the same. anybody tried it?

I never looked into it. But it deserves some research.

I haven’t heard of anyone trying. But I would be guessing that it would be the same exact TB.

Probly gonna throw out the $30 and give it a whirl. It’s definitely not the same inside wall. Looks to cut out the whole PNP headache. I’ll let y’all know soon.

Snap some pics and let us know.

I second, I’m interested.

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Screw it I’m PnP-ing mine today.

DAMMIT! My Dremel went tits-up mid process. Anyway, I think I can hone the inside to approx. 60mm without screwing up the wall between the plate and shaft bearings, but I’m gonna need a larger plate to do this. What’s the fix? I know I’ll need to extend the opening in the shaft (top already cut off), but does anyone know of a suitable plate to use in place of the 56mm?

I have a TB for the contour Zetec at home. I will see if it fits this weekend. As far as I can tell it looked the same to me but I could be wrong. its been sitting int he corner of the shop for a couple years now.