Contour SVT 70mm MAF.....

Well my sisters SVT broke something on the bottom end of the motor so i have it sitting at my house now…she has pretty much gave it to me. Im wondering if i could get any power gains out of putting the SVT MAF on my z. Also if i did it would it cause any problems??


No…don’t change MAFs unless you are changing your computer. The computer will think there is less air moving though it because of the increased volume capacity. In turn the injectors will put less fuel in and the engine will stall.

If its yours fix it up!

Aight…thanks for the info.

So i would need a chip that is programmed with it to get it to work right…

Right. The new chip would re-map the ECU.

To be safe, I would first get a wideband O2 sensor and Air/Fuel meter so that you can keep an eye on the engine and shut it down if it starts running too lean or rich.

But there is no reason to do the change unless you are going to Forced Induction. Or have done some engine work and I don’t mean bolt-ons.