Contour block vs. zx2 block

Does anyone know if the block from a 2.0 liter contour non vct is the same as a focus or zx2 block?

Pretty sure its non vct and maybe identical to the focus block minus holes and such for mounting.

Should be. It is a Zetec after all. You should try to contact ZX2Fast (mostly on TeamZX2). He used to have a Zetec Contour way back in the day.

  • Darron

its the same block … its actually the exact same motor used in the fuckus

awesome, thanks guys. anyone know what it costs to get a block hot bathed?

Just fill up your tub and do it yourself :lol:

Oh hey that’s a great idea. I can get out the rubber ducky and sing the song “Rubber ducky, you’re the one. Rubber ducky…” ok…I’m retarded. Does sound fun though. It’s like taking a bath with your girlfriend…except she’s an engine block. You’re going to rub her and massage her…Try to fit your crank inside…LOL

EWWW!!! The first part was funny though. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

All I can say is “yikes” :shock: …Lol!


I’m thinking about a Contour V6 manuel as a replacement powerplant.

already on my way there mirror

Ah, a V6. Now that sounds interesting.

Wait, are you kidding me? It’s like you guys didn’t get the joke, you know “crank”. LOL. ok i’m retarded i guess

Crank. :shock: Heh, nice one.

Seriously though, if you guys prove it works, let me know.

Marco and I have been contemplating the v6 swap for almost a year and a half.

Way to get on the boat hafway into the ocean. LOL.

Better late than never! Espicaly for this kind of a mod. Can’t wait to see the stunned look of a Civic driver as I lay on the power.

the hell with the civic im hunting for the guy in the 5.slow i just gotta go pick up my motor and put it in … anyone wanna donate to the fund lol ?

The blocks from the Zetec Contour and our Zetec are similar. The lower block (the aluminum part below the block and above the oil pan) is different. I never had Zetec Countor, I did have a Zetec Mystique with VCT. Made it easy to work on.

did you guys know the 95-97 contour bolcks are the stongest over cougar, focus, ans zx2

i knew that but the early earlt build date ZX2’s had the same block. AS in early i mean 6/97 and 7/97 . I found this out just recently now that im swaping my HIGH performance parts back to OEM for the S/C build up.