Consistently Inconsistent brake sound...

So this is not hurting anything because the rotors and brakes look fine… No odd wear, but it’s PISSING ME OFF!

So not too long ago, out of nowhere my brakes would squeak, like they’re getting low. They’re ceramic, they have 80% life left on them still and are not glazed, just fine. At first it made a high pitched squeal like the squealer would make but with a bit of a grind (like a rock) and it did it no matter if i was going or stopped. Sprayed brake cleaner, took it for a spin, brake cleaner, took it for a spin. it stopped for a day… then, started, but WORSE. It was higher pitched and more consistent but the grinding sound was gone like it was covered in dirt…

1 week later, the sound goes away for almost 2 weeks… Now it’s back, but ONLY WHEN I APPLY THE BRAKES, it’s on the passenger’s side wheel, very obvious because when it’s up on the stand I can spin the wheels in neutral, drivers side does nothing, sounds awesome but the passenger’s front wheel has a very distinct small interfering scrape to it just barely. But the rotors have no grooves worn, so it’s a small soft rock of some sort or something in the brakes… I don’t have a C-Clamp to do compress the stupid things so I can’t take them apart till next weekend. Obviously brake cleaner didn’t do anything but take away the dirt and make the rock the only thing there, do I have to wait? Or any other suggestions…

Ceramic pads are notorious for this problem. There is nothing you can do to fix it.

They’ve been fine for half a year till now :frowning:

Mebbe old age?

They’re like not quite a year old. The car is always garaged. Lots of pad left.


nope… its the hamsters squeling

Haha, my bad. Hamsters.

Damn rodents. I guess I’ll disassemble them tomorrow and take a look see if I find something odd :frowning: sigh i hate taking them apart.

And by odd you mean brake pads with fur and a tail…
Do the hampster pads work any more effectively than normal pads?
If so, I might have to buy some.

Yea ive tried hamster pads. It becomes a little messy and its really hard to get 2 of em in that caliper let alone put it back over the rotor. And its no fun taken the calipers off because its a bloody fury mess. Hmmm bloody fury mess?

Have you changed your rotors since you got your ceramic break pads? I told my dad about your problem(he is a parts pro at Advanced Auto Parts) I even mentioned how long you have had them and he said that it might be your rotors.


I’ve turned the rotors and did brake pads at the same time, there has been no problems what so ever, my dad works for napa and said it’s something “caught” in the brakes but i’ve used brake cleaner and it went away for about a week and came back with less grindy noise and more squeaky noise. I’ve checked the rotors for imperfections and they don’t seem to be warped in fact they’re still the same texture and no tips of the rotor are scratched or anything, they seem okay. Perhaps I should disassemble them to see if something is stuck?

Sounds to me that’s the only thing left to do…

  • Darron

Yeah sounds like it, got wrose and worse… going to pville this weekend, while i’m there i’ll disassemble it.

Good luck dude!! Hope you find the problem and are able to fix it!!