Clutch job... who has done it?

My throwout bearing is slowly but surely going to crap, not sure how it started, I’ve been nice to the car but it will engage and disengage but while I’m going when i first shift into 1st the car bogs, not the engine, but the actual clutch just won’t apply itself right it will kind of sit there and go but it… god it’s hard to describe. It’s like you shift, get into 1st and it feels like i can mash the pedal to the floor but it applies the same amount of power (feels like 2% of my horsepower, it’s crazy!) and then out of NOWHERE it will just GO and voila there’s the power! The clutch isn’t slipping at all, in fact I can feel it, and the rpms will get lower and lower kind of hang at 1600rpms but when you hit the gas it doesn’t rise above it (if the clutch were slipping it woud go up obviously) but once it decides to engage it feels like it’s at about 90% but it’s been this way for almost a year now. I’m about ready to rip this thing apart and stick in a new clutch completely and turn teh flywheel and just do the whole 9 yards

IF I DO, is it hard to do? I’ve never done frontwheel drive clutches, just rear wheel drive :frowning:

I’ve been contemplating doing the whole 9 yards myself. I have no idea how hard it will be. ZX2Fast would know for sure, but he doesn’t get on here much at all anymore. He hangs around TeamZX2. He’s done all kinds of tranny swapping ‘n’ such, so he’ll definitely know what you’re getting into. When I finally get mine taken care of, I hope he’ll help for a case of beer or something. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

Hell for a case of beer I’d email him and pay for his gas to come over here! LMAO

(edit) - by the way i did get a pretty good deal on a centerforce stage 1 clutch (not a dual plate, didn’t want to rip up the flywheel) for $190…

yea, Im in need of a new clutch also. If i am the only one in the car, it can really take off, but if I have 3 friends in the car, the clutch slides horribly. When i go to take off the engine revs up some then just slowly dies down as the clutch finally engages. The horrible thing is that I have a 2000 S/R w/ a Centerforce clutch.

wear and tear man, wear and tear…

it effects all parts equally, even if they are specialty parts.


Hell I guess I am just lucky. I bought my 98 ZX2 brand new and now it has over 207k miles on it and I still have yet to replace the clutch. It was delivered with 9 miles on it and I have driven it hard from day 1. At about 205k I had to replace the clutch master cylinder but that was it.

You have 200k on your STOCK clutch? Wow I did not know that was possible.

I currently have 106k on this stuck clutch, still running… chatters, but no slipping at all.