Clutch help needed

Greetings: I am the owner of a 2001 zx2 with an mtx. I believe my clutch is about to go, various sounds, vibrations, etc. Engine is running fine. I have changed many clutches before on rear wheel drives, but never on a front wheel drive like the zx2. Is their any how to help available for this? I don’t have a lift accessible so this will all be shade tree stuff. I am looking for help on what has to be removed, any tips or tricks to help in the process.

Thanks in advance for assistance.

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you’ll have to pop the axles out, remove 2 crossmembers under the trans(front to back and side to side) remove the battery and intake to give you better room up top. take the slave cylinder off the front of the tranny and hang it somewhere out of the way, you’ll get out of bleeding it this way(its a pain alone). once the 3 tranny mounts are taken off the engine will tilt down on the solitary motor mount. the tranny will slilde off and voila! you’re looking at the clutch. you may want to replace the pilot bearing and the throwout bearing while you’re there, it may save some heartache later.

Thanks for your quick reply Mellowness65, I appreciate the response and assistance. I am going to take a look at the job in a bit, waiting on supper to be delivered. Should I take the axles all the way out or just remove from the wheels or is that possible. Sorry if I sound a bit newbie, but this will be my first job under the car (front wheel drive) ever and it just looks different, LOL.



they pry out of the transmission side, if you can get them out while leaving them in the hubs good for you, I usually take the wheel side out first(nut size: 1.25"), then work on the transmission end. a big prybar is a must for this imo. anything else I can help you with feel free to ask. I have a factory manual for my 98 so I should have any torque spec you may need