Civic pnwed

But not by me! So I’m cruzin home into LA on the 5 and I see in front of me this orange 4 door civic, probably a late 90s model. Neon green trim and white rims. After about a mile I hear several swarms of angry bees behind me and this late 80s model silver civic zips past. It has on it a massive rear wing, and was riding pretty low. Silver civic rolls up to the orange civic where they stay next to each other for a few miles more. Soon I hear a three horn count and BAM off they go! (BAM being just when they press their pedals to the floor, there was no actual bam, just more loud bees). Now mind you this is in traffic, so they really can’t go too far. They start jocking for position, weaving in and out of lanes, while I’m just driving behind the whole mess. Finally silver civic falls behind due to cars in his lane blocking him and it looks like orange civic has teh win. When silver civic puts on a burst of speed (read: orange civic’s lane started blocking him) and cuts in front of orange civic… where his massive wing falls off and HITS THE ORANGE CIVIC ON THE HOOD. The wing clatters onto the shoulder and before the orange civic can recover and chase down the moron, silver civic darts off real quick. Probably because now he isn’t weighed down by the wing.

Now I don’t know if that was some super secret technique that ricers practice, but man. Made me wish I had a video camera mounted.

LOL OH MY god that is the BEST story EVER! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I can actually picture that and WOW that is a great visual.

you just made me look REALLY dumb because im in a SILENT computer class and bursted out laughing! yea… embarassed :oops:

Glad I was able to help. lol

gotta thank you bro…that just made my day…

Was he doing Mach 2?

Yes… in fact he totally was!

Mirror, I’ll have to check yours when I get home, but Darth…AMAZING!!!

  • Darron

nice story dude. :mrgreen:

Nice find Mirror

  • Darron