Civic Owners

Why are most if not all civic owners such D-Bags. Evey time I see one they rev their engine give me a look and try to take off fast, never happens with other cars. Just last week I was just driving around minding my own buisness then I passed this lowered civic with rims and exhaust on a 4 lane (he was behind slow traffic). The civic sees my car and proceeds to get around the slow traffic pull up beside me at about 45mph and romp on the gas. As usual I just laughed and didn’t bother, not only did he have 4 people total in his car he also had dual exaust which I’m pretty sure he was losing power from cause I heard no type of forced induction. I dunno, not to sound like a civic owner but maybe I should start beating all of them and show them what the Z can do.

…little dog syndrome

duals wont nessarely slow it down depends how it’s set up
i think all of us have had this happen to them every once and a while u got to show them up and your tail lights

ps make shure when u do they know they got beat by a escort!!!

I’ve missed driving my Z this winter…that truck bites. lol I gotta go to court on Friday for a ticket I got in the truck last Tuesday. Idiot said he paced me at 60 in a 45…I was going 45. Apparently the speed that you reach catching up to a vehicle is the rate of travel.

  • Darron

Hahaha… nice.