Chris where are you?

Anybody seen Chris? He’s usually a posting whore, oh yeah and Lamar, anybody get ahold of that guy? What’s the Friggin deal! Seems like I post more than Chris (the ZX2MS GOD) himself, and I don’t want to assume the role of being god. I mean that’s cool and all but we’ve all seen the movie Bruce Almighty right?

Hell yeah! The Buffalo Sabers win the Stanley Cup!

I am here :stuck_out_tongue: I will try to post more just busy with school and work right now. Thanks for caring :smiley:

School and work? doing summer classes? what the hell is up with that? my summer classes ended at the end of june, that rocked, I’ve been doing summer classes for 3 years, I’m sick of it. Dude Chris we got to get some guys together like you said before the end of summer. I’ll drive out madison way to meet you guys.