Checking fuel pressure

I helped a friend change his fuel pump in his 99 ZX2 (his old pump bit the big one).

The car has steadily degraded to the point where it barely wants to start and run.

I pushed in the schraeder valve while he turned the key, and no fuel came out. Once he started cranking, fuel finally came out, but didn’t seem to be 35psi.

Haynes manual says that there should be 70-80 psi with key-on engine-off, and 30-35 psi running.

I’m new to returnless fuel systems.

Also, my Actron fuel pressure tester doesn’t fit the schraeder valve on the fuel rail. Does anyone know where I can buy an adapter or a tester to fit it?


I have not seen any adapters. But you could get upgrade and get a STR fuel rail, but don’t see any reason you can’t use one built for the Zetec Focus. Shop around and you can find a decent price.