Check this thing out...

I seen this on ebay and was like WTF, Who in the well would put a cargo carier on top of a Z/ then realized that its a wheelchair storage device.

[url=] ... dZViewItem[/url]

It wouldn’t be too hard to rip all that out… That thing only has 6000 miles on it! I want.

Might be harder than you think Fallen…it appears (and really better be) bolted to the roof. You could take it off, but would then need to fill the holes and paint it. Still a very clean 03 with next to no miles on it. Crazy.

  • Darron

I wouldn’t care how much work it would be- an 03 with only 6000 original miles on it… I’d gladly do the work. But it has tan interior… Why do most white ZX2s have tan interior?

Better question…why did the gold ZX2’s come with tan rather than black? :wink:

  • Darron

because ford figured that the gold paint was so ugly that tan interior wouldn’t hurt it. :smiley:

You’re treading on VERY thin ice my friend… :wink:

  • Darron

Just picking on you…lol :mrgreen:

I’ll back you up, D.

thats OK I got loon, ultramac, and a cyberman in my pokimon deck… :smiley:

Yu Gi Oh FTW

yah what he said…