check out these badass wheels...i want!!

I fell in love with these right when i came across them.

looks good 17"s kinda suck for performance though

Look amazing I don’t know why you’re saying they’ll suck for performance. They could be lighter than stock. I’ve honestly never noticed a difference in acceleration between my swirlies and my new rims.

  • Darron

MIGHT suck on performance but i got lightweight bmw rims for when i want that.

NICE :wink:


I also found some SSR’s i like…they are like a really dark grey and they weight 8.8lbs each…15"s though.

If the tire size is the same, then you wouldn’t really notice any difference between a 17 and a 16. Now if the 17 was heavy (chrome etc), then yeah, it’ll suck.

When Jen put 17s on her car, I didn’t notice any difference in acceleration.

Yeah thats why i want the SSR 15"s that weight 8.8lbs each…should be able to feel a difference with those.

Those are sweet!!
Here are the ones I want to get.

I hope to get them in the next year or so. I have/want to get a new windshield and my windows tinted first.


Ooh, nice.

they say carbon fiber STYLE… I dunno, it could just be me but i hate the carbon fiber sticker stuff. Not my style, i’d rather get overlays than the stickers, and even then i’d prefer the real thing.

Now, take those carbon fiber stickers OFF, make those black… sexy.

Yeah, fake CF stuff looks worse than just about anything. It really never looks close to it.