check engine light

hey everyone whats up… my check engine light is on and i was wondering if anyone knew some things i should check or how to fix the problem

the code i got is
PO171-- system too lean bank#1

thanks for your help

You’re not getting enough fuel.Check the connections on the injectors to make sure they’re all plugged in properly. If that’s not the problem try cleaning your injectors.

what about fuel filter?? if thats clogged it cant pump much fuel either…


That’s true too.

i just changed my fuel filter a couple months ago…i checked to make sure that the wires for the injectors are in good and they are making good connection… is there ne way that the MAF or the IAT could be sending wrong messages to the computer causeing the computer to send less fuel? …thanks for ur help guys i appreciate it

Try checking your air intake for leaks between the MAF and the TB.