CF Interior Overlays

Best alternative to CarbonTC interior pieces. 100 shipped OBO. Comes with everything in the first pic.

1- Air Conditioner Vents on driver’s side (top left)
1- Handle on glove compartment (middle left)
2- Door arm rests (top right)
2- Panels below instrument panel (bottom left)
4- Parts around the door handles (bottom right)

the 2 in the bottom middle I’m not really sure, but IIRC they could fit in a couple different places. i think they were originally designed for around the ash tray (dareall said that too).

If I can get some money soon I wanna get these. Been looking for these. If you still have them in a few days I might jump on them

alright man. i’ve been trying to sell them for a couple months so i don’t see them going anywhere in the next couple days. just let me know when you have some money.

Did you get them sold?

they’re still available.

thought i saw them on teamzx2 and thought they were yours cause someone bought them from someone on there

yeah a guy backed out a couple months ago, and i just updated the thread over there. still for sale.

Take paypal? Finally got some money

sure do. it’s

since you are local i should be able to deliver if you want. i can get it to you as early as tomorrow afternoon, if you want to just text me, my number is 706-656-0742 (i never answer the phone).

You’ve got money

sweet man, i should be able to get them out in the next couple days.

Thats fine, ive been runnin around the past few days so havent been able to do much or w/e and this week isnt going to be any better. got a benefits show this weekend we’re hosting so tryin to get everything ready for it

Meant to tell ya they came in the other day. Thanks for shipping them!

no problem man, glad they got there fine. enjoy them.