CarbonTC Arm rests

I know there aren’t many of them but I figured I’d post up some of my pics of my kit for people for reference purposes :slight_smile:

Looks pretty swanky…

That looks great!

I like the look of those, where’d ya find them?

Carbon tc he no longer male cf parts for the zx2 though :frowning:

You better watch out kio instead of stealing you
Lip it’s going to be those!!:)j/k

Back in the day a guy named christian made them. He owned a company called CarbonTech or “CarbonTC”. He fabricated pieces for cars and did his own custom work. He made very few pieces but all of his work was very good and he used good quality carbon fiber. Unfortunately he is no longer in business.

His stuff was awesome. Were did he go again…I forgot since about a year ago he left the business

I contacted him on making some parts for my Porsches. He referred me to his brother. But I don’t know his brothers work. I guess it’s time to move on. I did find a local shop that does a ton of CF work. i will be stopping by to check out the quality for myself. I’m very picky. If it’s good i’ll hook everyone up with a contact #. CF isn’t cheap. But it’s great if it’s quality, for looks and performance.

Ya let me know on what they can do and can’t do. I am sure I could use a couple of accent parts in the z.

It’s unfortunate that he no longer makes parts, but it’s more unfortunate that he took my parts and never gave them back after repeated attempts to contact him and empty promises regarding their return

Thats who it was. I remember somebody having a issue with him at the last moment. So it was you mellow…did anything ever come about with it?

the only thing that came of it is that I’d still like it back. the initial promise was that he was gonna use it to be a first trial run wheel of sorts for future steering wheels. as such he said he’d do it for free. well time passed, excuses piled higher, over a year later now I’d just be happy to get it back, I sent him the nicer of the 2 I had and so now I’m stuck with a shitty steering wheel and money wasted. Gamma had problems with him too, I think he eventually got his parts though. I think there were others who had problems as well. It sucks that old timers have been the only ones that have scammed me. Carbon with this and almost a year ago now I sent 4u2quik 4 throttle bodies in exchange for one ported one, and unfortunately nothing’s happening with that either it seems

holy cow that sucks man…sorry to hear that. quick hasn’t done those throttle bodys yet for people…wasn’t it a 58mm? I wanted one of them at one point.

yeah they were 58, I was thinking about buying psychotuner’s fr one since it wasnt much more than a ported oem one, but it got sold. the idea is still in my head however:)

kio you need to sell me those LOL they would go great with my metra and bezel and it would help compliment my hood and cowl :slight_smile:

If the car is ever sold, you can bet that I’ll consider it. I like them and still drive the car from time to time, gotta have my CarbonTC parts :slight_smile: