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alright ive got a question. id like to have my zx2 sound really good like tough sounding but none of that bumble bee sounding stuff so what could i do to make the car be muscle like sounding? any help would be appreciated!

OK let me handle this. lol

ok 1st what do you have now and how much do you want to spend?

a quick and easy way to do it is get a glasspack and use that as you muffler. After that that the price goes up.

For a quality system you’re looking at spending quality money. Trubendz 2.25" catback with Borla or magnaflow would be highly recommended.

  • Darron

All i have now is completely stock pretty much

i have a nice hks hi power muffler for sale 100 bucks plus shipping and its yours

8-)[color=red]got any pics of it? 8-)
i can post more pics tomorrow but im sick right now

I appreciate the pics they look pretty good so far but ill wait till i see the rest of the pics you have before i decide just yet

Its not bad…cleaning and polishing would make it look new.