Car Payments

I was writing a check for my car payment last saturday and it got me wondering how many more months I had to pay. I took a look at my stubs.

“One year left” That is an awesome feeling. $200 bucks in my pocket every month in one years time.

How many do you have? If any…

None. Never did. I got my '99 at an auction (my neighbor in Ontario is a car dealer, so he got me in the auction). I paid only $1000 for it 2 1/2 years ago. Not a bad price, IMO.

None left on mine…my wife’s is about a year left as well. Although, if all goes well with tax season, I’ll have a new car with a new payment…we’ll see.

  • Darron

out of a 60 month loan, I am on month 43. that leaves 17 months!

However I have been paying about $4 more then what my actual payments are (226.70, I have been paying $230 for a long time). So that 17 months will actually be more like 13 or 14!!! Yeah!!).

Then its time for a truck!

My wife has the truck in our family. And the payments.

most likely none after my tax return this year; a little over two years if I don’t pay it off then…