car newbie

well a small info…i have been into the off road area all my life…and just got my first car

i am not a big fan of efi because it :? me…

in my ranger i swapped out the efi 2.9 for a carbed 302 with points :mrgreen:

any who…i have a bone stock zx2 s/r…i know a little bit about the car but not much…how many horses does the stock 2.0 4 banger put out? at the crank 2.9 is 140 and the 302 is about 185 ish…for now…well what does the 2.0 DOHC put out…and what can i do for an up grade that is simple to do with the brain? in some kind of chip or something…i am looking for the 15-20 HP range

WE’ll 1st the S/R is a rear zx2. Is it a 99 or 00? Either way a header will get you about 7hp and a udp will get you the other 7hp at the wheels. A chip will get you about 10 more hp. The S/R’s came stock with 145 hp. I think thats right. A E.S. bushing kit, upgraded computer. B&m short throw shifter. 150 speedo , upgraded clutch and a few other goodies.

Ford designed the S/R as a Auto x car. this is performes great. The SCCA rates it in the same class as the Mustang.

and if you are asked S/R stood for Street Racer.
heres the press release on the S/R

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it is a 2000

and damn 145 out of a 4 banger…that is awsome

header is cool…what is a good one? and what is udp?..and for a puter chip…who makes the puter chip for it? thanks for the info

like i said…i know about carbs and not this computer stuff

there is another thread that has a list of mods and where to get them. Some of the better headers are the zxtuner and the kamikaze (no longer being made is my understanding). a UDP is an Underdrive Crank Pulley, it is a smaller pulley for the crank shaft which makes accesible some horses that are already there.

sweet…thanks for the info

Ptuning still has the Kamikaze available. Also if you’re gonna get the header, you might also want to consider getting the Trubendz 2.25" catback for a li’l more umph plus some sound control. Messing with an intake is pointless 'cause that was upgraded stock for the S/R. Diablochip and Superchip are the available chips that I’m aware of. I have a Diablo chip (pulled it out because of gas prices sucking) and I like it. Which one of the two to get depends on your emissions testing. If there is none, get the Diablo (more aggressive tuning) if there is testing get the Superchip ( I think they’re smog legal…but don’t quote me on it)

Welcome to the board and the world of Sport Compact Cars and asphalt! :slight_smile:

Your S/R is a GREAT starting point. You ought to have lots of fun with it.

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no emmition testing in my area! were can i get the diablo

I would hold off on the diablo chip because you car is already an S/R. I would think about other mods that may not have come witht the S/R. Like different cams, transmission upgrades, LSD. Essentially you are ahead of most of us, because your car came with all the mods we desire, but there still are other mods that could be done.

well i mostly want more power right now…something not to expensive…i still have a mud runner that i am building :mrgreen:

S/R is a good start with intake, suspension, shifter, bushings and wheels/tires. So, you are lucky, you’ll save a little money on upgrades. First things first, upgrade the exhaust. Get a full length header and 2.25" exhaust with a hi-flow CAT and your choice of muffler. Next, put on a UDP. Last, upgrade to the SCT chip. The PCM in the 2000 S/R is not as good as the PCM from the 99, it is barely better than a LXQ1 from lets say an 01.

99 S/R:
143hp @ 5750rpm = 118fwhp
142tq @ 4250rpm = 117fwtq

00 S/R:
138tq @ 5750rpm = 114fwhp
137tq @ 4250rpm = 113fwtq

01 ZX2:
130hp @ 5750rpm = 108fwhp
127tq @ 4250rpm = 106fwtq

Thats a 10% gain in hp for the 99 S/R with upgraded PCM, intake, Borla muffler and UDP
Thats a 10 ft lb tq gain for the 00 S/R with upgraded PCM, intake and Borla muffler
SCT by itself will give you a 10% power 13hp/13tq gain

If you do thses three bolt-ons plus SCT you will be happy.

It all depends on the S/R code you have. If you have NGP0, stick with that. If you have any other PCM code, get a chip. Get the SCT 4-bank, or if you want to do tuning yourself and you have the cash, get the Pro-racing Package.

A header works wonders for this car. I do believe it adds more then 7 HP. In fact, I think it adds closer to 12-15. It really woke up my car. The chip will be a noticable mod as well. Might want to drop a K&N filter in the air intake and remove the lower resonator. This car hates breating through a 1" hole.

Damn, I am glad someone rememberred to mention the K&N drop-in and the lower resonator removal.

SCT is better than NGP0 by far

For example:
NGP0 spark timing curve was only increased from 13degrees to 16degrees, allowing you to still run 87-89 Octane without the chance of pinging. It raises the speed limiter too.

SCT takes the timing curve up to 29degrees allowing you to run 91-93 Octane and get better performance out of it. It also eliminates the speed governor, raises the rev limiter to 7,000rpm and increases idle to 950rpm. It also turns off the 02 sensors so you don’t get a check engine light and throw a code for emmissions. If you ever plan on putting in WebCAMS and doing a VCT delete you can turn off VCT with it.

ummm ok…lol

like i said…i dont know about vct lmno stuff

but i know some RBV stuff :smiley:

See you made it over here to motorsports man. When are you posting your Ranger off road videos here? hahaha (like over at Team)

Get a full length header (I like my kamikaze, lots will also recommend the ZXtuner or OBX) and then get a 2.25"catback (Trubendz is highly recommended). After your exhaust is done get a UDP and install that. You’ll have your 15 extra horses easily with that.

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