Cam Upgrade

After thinking about what I could do next to my car I have come to 2 ideas for my next mod: a new computer system or a set of new cams. A new computer is tough to come by. I was going to get the one from Zxtuner, the S/R, but heard from another forum that the computer they sell is a bad one.

So then I was thinking Cams. Has anyone changed out their cams? What did you go to, how did it work for you? Was it difficult? Should I be thinking about new valve springs? Please tell me anything you might know.

I prefer to ask this forum because it’s a much more positive forum unlike a couple of other forums I have seen. Thank you for your help guys.

if your thinking about the cams, might as well do the valves and springs too.

i dont know too much about cams so ill leave that to someone else. just from a practicallity stand point. if you got the valve cover off to change the cam, might as well do the springs/valves.


I would go with Mark on this one and agree you might as well upgrade/replace while you’re at it. The only company I’ve heard any kind of reputation of is Webcams, and they’re supposedly among if not the best. Although, this kinda thing is where my avitar comes in, 'cause once you start going into the engine I start to get lost. :slight_smile:

  • Darron has Crane PowerMax Camshafts

So has anyone done this Mod on their car? How did it work for you? Which Cam grind did you go with? Was the Mod difficult? has a good selection of cams, last I checked.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe you have an intake and exhaust, but is it a full exhaust including header and high flow cat? Also if you do have an entire exhaust then I’d go with a superchips chip or a SCT tuner package so you can turn on and off your tune to stock and back. Then go for cams.

when you og with cams you have a lot of choices to make … like what do you want with your car? high torque? hi rpm? high idle( drag race) … for a good mid rev higher torque cam you would wanna go with a stage 2 … then replace your valves and springs and retainers ( you should over size the valve while swapping ) accordingly aslo add vct delete and gamgears to the package bringing you well over 700 bucks by the time your done so id say upgrade the computer like pololous said , then work on igniton( coil pack, wires) then work on your pulleys ( opd, udp ) then head… sorry if you may have some of this stuff done i dont know what you do and dont have

I found a new head for our cars but I lost the link, it was $859 plus shipping. It was 3 angle cut valve job, oversized valves 33mm exhaust 30mm intake i think?, upgraded springs and retainers. If I can find it I will post it. That will save money, then throw in $350 for cams and ull be good, only if you have $1300 to spend on just the head of your car.

i do belive that either the esslinger package which i dont think they make any more … or the gude package which is junk

The best head you can get is a non VCT head but it flows alot. The Focus Central one is it. But you could have a shop machine it to the same specs as the Focus Central one. I maybe able to get the specs. But the best thing to do between different heads is comparing the flow rates. Especially at .400 cam lift.

the focus intake cam will swap over also fr makes a good one stage 1 is close to zx2 stock though i went w/ stage 2

stock focus intake cam
.348" lift, 202 deg duration @ .050"
crane/ford racing stage 1 focus intake cam
.374" lift and 210 deg duration @ .050"
crane/ford racing stage 2 focus cam
.382" lift with 210 degrees duration @ .050"
stock zx2 intake cam
.367" lift and 214 deg duration @ .050"
zxtuner/web hi torque intake cam
.398" lift and 216 deg duration @ .050"
crane/ford racing stage 3 focus intake cam
.390" lift and 218 deg duration @ .050"
zxtuner/web hi rev intake cam
.400 lift and 227 deg duration @ .050"
zxtuner/web race cam
.395" lift and 242 deg duration @ .050"

zx2 stock intake cam is: .367 lift and 214 deg duration @ .050"

fr also makes valves/valve springs for the zetec motor is fits all zetec motors

What are the specs for the ZX2 stock Exhaust Camshaft?

if your gonna upgrade cams…you might as well build the whole head while you are there.

and order some piper cams…you can get a .420 lift for our heads shipped from GB.

Last i knew vct was getting worked on by vit and other memebers have kept it and said it was fine with upgraded cams. I beleive if you leave vct or on what vit is working on you could reach maxium power with it rather than taking it off( if im wrong just point me out). Also you can do cams and such but you might max out the points on your maf count. If so you might as well upgrade injectors, maf, springs, valves, and a P&P if you wish so. If you did this with basic bolt on’s the car would scream very good. If i were you and the results have shown that high torque and hi rev are the best cams that webcams make. If you choose this area…you might get a crappy idel but who cares based on you’ll need scts to get it all work properley anyways and tunned.

GB?? Group Buy? What’s GB?

CAM install can be easy, or it can be a pain in the ass. It can be a one time deal or you could end up going back in to finish it off. My first try took me like 6 to 8 hours just to do the intake CAM. First problem, I had no idea what I was doing. 2nd problem, once I figured it out my clearances were no where near factory, even with the provided shims. So, I had to order new thicker tappets and go back in and get it right. Last, every time you mess with your CAMS, you have to set your timing again, and the VCT doesn’t make it any easier on you. Now I could probably install a set of CAMS in 2 to 3 hours. A set of Hi-Tq WebCAMS will do you just fine, you don’t have to worry about pulling the head and putting in oversized valves and heavy duty springs. If you wanted Hi-rev CAMS you may consider better springs. If you plan on having the head done, then consider the race CAMS, you also have to change your valve cover too.

ive seen cams for the zx2 up to .490 lift