Call of Duty 4 MC

I know theres a ton of ppl on this game, ZX2MS,IRONMARK, and myseld are addicted to this game. Post up your favorite COD moment.

mine has to be a 138 to 25 KDR on Shipments. Everytime i hit the butten i hada Air strike or Heli. on standby

lol! good times with COD4. My favorite part right now is learning the new maps. I seen a guy get blow off the roof of one of the smaller buildings in broadcast yesterday. As he fell, his arm caught a railing and was left hanging about 6 feet from ground from his wrist. I know saddistic!

You guys will have to add me to live so we can play! Tag is “KoiHoshi”

Even better Koi. Go to always looking for new players

I’d normally be up for joining a clan but don’t have enough time and barely have enough time to jump on the xbox anymore :frowning: