What intake do they come with stock?

the stock intake isnt a good one. Unless it’s a s/r model then it has a Iceman or Roush intake. It is easy to modify the factory intake for more power take out the lower section of the intake that goes into the fender around where it says air filter. Then there is a wierd looking box at the top of the intake near where it goes into the engine . take it out and replace w/ a piece of pvc pipe or metal pipe (Home Depot) should have what u need .(e-bay mighyt have the pipe as a intake for the zx2)

There u go a intake for around 20$

BS it isn’t good stock! The only thing holding it back is the resonators, it has a good setup, a good location and isn’t an airbox sitting in the middle of the car’s engine like some cars, it’s pretty damn close to CAI stock, but with resonators and the like, it’s well engineered.

Your best bet if you don’t want to bother buying $200 intake which is an awful lot is to get an iceman setup, keep your stock airbox and cut the end.

OR if you want to spend $10 and get a nice overall improvement…

Get a 2.5" piece of muffler tubing, have the end flared to 2 7/8" and yank out the upper resonator and replace it with the muffler tubing. Smoother airflow, less restriction… nice improvement. Then remove the lower resonator (which can be done by removing the bolts holding the end of the intake which is sort of by your battery) and just yank that sucker out, then hack the end off so the air element is a bit exposed, and then stuck a K&N dropin filter in there.

Honestly, if you do an iceman it’ll be a nice improvement over stock, even doing the air resonator mod is a huge improvement over stock, you don’t get that “hot boggy feeling” when teh car gets hot in the summer, it runs better.

You won’t notice a HUGE difference between a $200 intake and doing the iceman or resonator mod besides the raspy sound, as far as throttle response and horsepower, doing any of the setups will be the same, the most you’d see between a $200 intake and the resonator mod is like 2hp difference. Which, 2hp won’t make or break a race, seriously.

i know that the girl said she’s on a budget thats why i gave the ino on the resinator i only sais about the ineman because she said what came stock

The stock tubing on the throttle body to the tip isn’t really that bad but it could be better if it didn’t have the bobbled tubing where it turns (kind of like crappy stock bend vs a mandrel bend on exhaust). But doing the upper and lower resonator and a K&N will cost you maybe $40, good improvement.

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dont worry about it nikki koihoisi and i are friends or at least were aquanted w/ each other another reasonable cheap mod is the 98 valve cover its not a performance mod but it looks nice under the hood. Not that the 99 thru 03 isnt nice just the 98’s is powered coated white and has a spark plug cover

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