Bye Bye ZX2 :(

Well its that time. I am finally selling one of my ZX2s. Someone is interested and coming on Saturday to look at it. Any luck they will be the new owner of my baby. Its been an awesome car for me but I need to keep moving forward. Its not so bad though I still have one ZX2 left :stuck_out_tongue: lol. I have a lot of work to do this week. I need to buff it and put everything back on the car lol.

Here she is if you didn’t know.

Damn that’s sad your getting rid of such a nice zx2. Was this the 2000 or the 98? What does the other one look like?

God I loved that Z but your pony is also verrrrrrrrrry nice :slight_smile:

This is my 2002. My 98 is red with a gray interior and its an automatic. I will post some picture sup soon of it.

hopefully it will go to a good home. make sure they know about the site.

free advertisement FTW

TRAITOR!!! lol!

just kidding! thats cool, but… you should sell the red one! The black one is so much cooler!


I’ve always liked your Z since its black with the WW lip. What mods does it have?

Just saw another topic. You returned it to stock and the paint got dull… You sell everything off it?

Yeah everything is going with the car. If anyone else is interested in the car as a whole let me know. My asking is $6k I feel thats what its worth and I am sticking to it.

Everything included…

  • Extra set of rims (Motegi MR3 17" rims wrapped in Toyos)
  • Tokico Struts and Progress springs
  • Complete JL Audio System (Alpine deck with ipod adapter/xm, four channel amp for front and rear and a mono amp for the JL W3 12" sub)
  • Wings West Kit
  • 2 New front bumpers (One is painted and on the car)
  • Brand new tires on the car as of Nov '7
  • Tinted windows
  • CTA Motorsports Intake
  • Yellow under glow neons (The real macoy StreetGlow FTW!!! lol )
  • Reverse Indigo gauges
  • Borla Exhaust
  • Extra set of mud flaps

Pretty much I want to get rid of all of my extra crap and sell the car as a whole. No parting it out. Thats a PITA! Plus running my own business and working on my other 4 vehicles I have no time to maintain this one anymore.

Any other takers:P lol

Nice car.

As of Saturday its gone! I sold her! Hopefully her new owner will take good care of her.

Congrats on getting a good price on a awesome z, are you planning on doing anything with your other one?

As of right now the goal is to get her repainted this summer and just keep storing her. Needs some slight body work. I would like to pick up a new interior for her sometime if I can. Not sure though.

Going to have to post some pics of the progress for sure man can’t wait to see it! [cheers]

definately keep us updated!

Give they guy the link to the message boards, if he is going to take that good care of her then he more than deserves to join our group here.

Do a partial dark charcoal swap, more like accents. I did it in my 98 and it looks great