Bumper Cover Removal?

I recently bought some projector head lights for my Z… well when they get here I wanna install asap haha but I don’t know how to remove the front bumper cover.

Anyway I was wondering if someone could walk me through the removal or make a paint pic of where the bolts are located… any help is appreciated!

jack up front of car. remove at least the front half of the plastic wheel liners. take a buttload of extensions and 10mm socket. There will be 2 bolts on each side of the car in the fender and a screw on each side that is phillips or 10mm i think. take all those out(6 total) and pop your inner turn signals out by twisting them out of the housings. take the 10mm bolt off each side of the top of the bumper cover. then its just the plastic phillips screw in the center. Gently(no pressure needed) unscrew that and pull the base out. slide it off. The main bitch of the operation is keeping those wheel liners in. If you wanna make it easy take them out. if you have foglights take those out of their hosings as well but DONT TOUCH THE BULBS since they’re halogens