Boston Bomb Scare

How does a simple ad-campaign promotion get misconstrued to being a bomb scare??? What the fuck is wrong with people? Doesnt anyone watch TV anymore?

Apparently there were at least 12 devices found in the Boston Metro area that contained blinking lights of Ig-nig-noc raising his middle finger. Anyone that watches Adult-Swim knows the familiar atari shaped character raising his middle finger.

Our Post 911 world is creating some stupid situations. We need to wake up and pay attention, not take things to the extreme.

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Morons. Thats all I have to say.

Jeze. It starts out small, always starts out small.

I believe there was an attempt to promote a movie in which they modified newspaper boxes by putting an Orange metal box with a blinking light to make recording go off every time someone opened the newspaper box.

Eventually someone noticed the Orange box and called the Bomb Squad. Later they found out what the device really did.

You can never be too catious. -OR- You worry too much.
You decide.

A lot of younger people might watch Adult Swim, but I bet you most people don’t know what the characters are. I don’t think CN went about advertising the right way… A blinking box of a 4 bit character flipping people the bird wouldn’t get me to watch a show…

I would rather people be cautious about things like that than completely ignore it, and then people get hurt.

So what are we supposed to do every time someone sees something electrical with blinking lights sitting someplace. Close the city down and call the army in? Seriously its over reacting. If someone wants to hurt you with an explosives device I can bet you that they sure as hell are not going to put blinking lights on it and a cartoon character flipping you off. People need to chill out.

Yeah you dont want to let people know your about to setoff a bomb. The point is to get in and set the device off, not warn people about it.