Borla S/R exhaust.

So has anyone put one of these on without torching the stock muffler off? I tried putting it on but I can’t pull the muffler off. the U bolt clamped the shit out of the tubing. so I am guessing I have to cut it off? Any ideas?

I had a shop do it, a good place in Long Beach. I kinda heard the guy joking that the stock one took way more time with the torch than other cars.

I dunno of anyone who has been able to just pull it off. We went at it for almost 1 1/2 hours before we finally got the cutting torch out. We cut it at the base of the muffler with the torch to get it out of the way. Then used a die grinder to cut off the rest.

Damn, that is a hot looking Z. Where is it again?

Mines for sale at Conklin Cars in Hutchinson Kansas. They have it priced at like 8,900 it has 43,000 miles here’s a link They took some decent pics. sniff looking at it on a dealer page for sale makes me wanna cry :cry: sniff ok seriously I just shed a tear.

I pulled off my 98 muffler with a rope tied to a tree and some WD-40. :smiley: