Bike week!

So I went over to Daytona today for Bike Week. All I have to say is OMG!!! lol Its was awesome. Anyways here some more pics of the stang on the beach lol.

Hey, I think thats the apartment complex that a friend of mine used to live in.

So you can take cars on the beach? lol

Yeah in Daytona you can drive up and down the beach. It Rocks! :mrgreen:

whos the cutey?

you meet her at the beach or did she come with the car? LOL!

Nice pics! Hope you got some of the bikes as well as a the hotties!

Hey I expect some bikes in the bike week thread!


j/k Nice looking pics Chris :slight_smile: She’s a pretty car.

Thats my roommate.


I gotta get out of my area…

hmm all I see are big white boxes with a red x in the corner…

try refreshing your browser

I need to get you all down to Cali for some good times.

chris and I were talking about rode trips and car meets earlier today!

at work, get red x’s with most pics here…I’ll have to go back and look at 'em at home…