I made these as OEM as possible, tell me what you think…sorry about the plastic dust and bad picture quality . :-o I will have more pictures soon , showing the cutoff line , them on my Zx2 , and the back .

Nice…i like.

I’m liking it. How much would you charge to reproduct it.

Are those Halo light bulbs?

How much? Im interested! :smiley:

There bi-xenon hid projecters with 4300k oem bulbs , no halos. I dont drive a BMW or rice , plus if the led bulb for the halo ever failed , I would never be able to change it . I’m glad you like them Mirror , hopefully I will see you at a meet again . Considering how long it took , and to make , I would charge about $950 plus your headlights . If its to much , I dont wanna hear your comments .

950 is alot

How long have you had them? Do you have a way to keep them from fogging up? Mine are fogged really bad. Im not talking about when its cold-fogging, Im talking about them fogging b/c of weathering.

Do you mean weathered?..turning yellow?..You just buy new ones…I bought a brand new pair and modified them , thats what your seeing in the picture . You could try a headlight polishing kit , but when you use it they will only yellow again after a few months . Your better off buying a new set for under $200. Look on ebay . I’m using aftermarket DEPO brand .

Thats what I was talking about, and I think I will buy a new set.


That looks very cool! I’ve been considering doing something to my lights as well in terms of actually modifying them sort of like what you did. Does it make a big difference in how good you can see? I mean afterall its cool to have the cosmetic part but functional is much better than cosmetic sometimes.

I like the lights. By the way, who makes the body/lip kit you have on your car? I really like it. Seen it before in pics, but never got a chance to ask…

That is the West Wings lip kit.

Since its HID projectors , its 3x brighter with flicker effect , and a perfect cut off line. Here are some close ups so you can see how clean it really looks up close.


Thanks. I love it. Gotta check it out. Expensive?

Don’t have a price. Put click on my signature for parts.

Any pics of it at night?

Thanks. :smiley: