Beware of PMs

Ok, this is a growing issue over at Team ZX2, and I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. There is someone (I’m rather sure its just the same person) who creates a new profile and just PMs EVERYONE links and images of p0rn. The admins are doing their best to catch and ban IPs, but its happened a couple of times. One guy had his young cousin at the computer with him when he clicked on it. I recommend anyone with a team zx2 account turn on the e-mail notifications for the PMs, since the pics themselves will not show up in an e-mail, so you can be ready to delete it. Also, anything we can do over here to further filter a new account registration?

im not sure what can be done on the server side of things, but if ANYONE recieves emails or pm’s like that on let the administration team know IMMEDIATELY! I read the post over at but havent checked on it in a few days. Did the culprit sign-up with a new name and IP?

From the looks of it yea, but I can’t do much research since any repeated mention of it annoys whatever admin is on the job.

yea i got the pm twice—two seperate names–i just deleted it

You got in on or zx2ms?

I have got two so far, ignorant people what can you do?

Are you sure they’re not bots? That’s typically the case which can be easily averted by enabling a visual confirmation on registration.

no they are not bots but there nasty

I would not be worried about it here, it’s only seemed to happen there since things have gone crazy over there.

Yeah nothing has happened here as of lately. I plan on keeping it that way but you never know. If you see anything like that please let me know asap. Contact RoushZX2 or me asap we are usually on all the time otherwise hit up on of the other admins also.